Bernedoodle – The Bernese Mountain Dog And The Poodle

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The Bernedoodle is a combination between the Bernese mountain dog and the Poodle. This hybrid fuses the merits of its own parent strains — the cleverness of the poodle with all the devotion of the Bernese, making it an ideal companion dog. This sturdy and strong dog has a powerful and streamlined body which is covered with medium to long hair. They come in several colors that are vibrant, but most usually in black. A bushy tail, some of long- a triangular muzzle hanging ears as well as the button eyes, all added to the growing popularity of its ‘cunning’ appearances.

Bernedoodle Images


Bernedoodles happen to be distinguished into three distinct kinds, based upon their sizes:

The Toy Dog Bernedoodle: The ones that weigh between 10 and 24 pounds, with height 10 — 14 inches.

The Mini Bernedoodle: Those with weight between 49 and 25 pounds, and height 15 — 20 inches.

The Standard Bernedoodle: The ones that weigh 50 pounds or even more, and standing above and 21 inches.

Nature and Behaviour

Bernedoodles adore and open. They so are even good with all the kids and adore their family. They may be social and intelligent. This makes them fit to be a family dog that is good. Nevertheless, they will have a nature that is very comfortable, having an average energy level. While he’s watching television, cooking, or wandering on the patio, so making them an excellent company the dog would remain next to its owner. Though, they are good at bringing in swimming and running and are lively and goofy, and also would always amuse its family. Bernedoodles possess a particular fondness for cold weather.




Health Problems

Routine exercise is needed by Bernedoodles. Because these dogs have a laid back nature, they do need regular exercise, but to a reasonable quantity, to burn their calories down for mental fitness and a sensible health. Take them outside for walks for half an hour to one hour daily.

You may also use their fondness for playing by taking them outside for jogging and running, and enabling them to play within an enclosed lawn. Participate in games like get and throw, or allow them to swim. In summary, keep them participated in activities that are routine.