BowflexSelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbell Set Review

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Without a doubt, BowflexSelectTech 552 Best Adjustable Dumbbells is a perfect solution for people who have small space at home for workout. Each of the dumbbells has a weight range of 5 to 52.5 pounds. If you are a fitness buff or just starting with your weight training, it is best that you get your own Adjustable Dumbbells as well. However, before you do that, it is wise to read along this BowflexSelectTech 552 review at

The Specifications

This set of Dumbbells comes with a weight setting that range from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds; that means an increment of 2.5 pounds. It also has a built-in dial system which is very easy to use especially when changing weights. Each of the dumbbells is 9 inches tall, 15.75 inches long and 8 inches wide. With this best adjustable dumbbell set, you can expect to perform more than 30 different workouts targeting the back, chest, abdomen, legs, shoulder and arms.

A stand is separately sold in order to avoid bending while having to pick up and put down these adjustable dumbbells. The good thing about the purchase is that it comes with a two-year limited warranty on the parts and plates while you also get a year warranty on the weights.

Overall BowflexSelectTech 552 Review

This adjustable dumbbell set is a masterpiece. Your purchase usually comes with a DVD guide, helping you to understand how to use it step by step. Aside from the general guidelines on how to use it, you can also see a summary of the potential routines in exercise, as well as their variations. A lot of users say that they love how the dumbbells look and feel, as it makes them want to exercise some more. One good thing is that it is easy to shift from one weight to another. Because of this, you do not have to stop with your workout, making the process even more effective.

Some users say that, compared to other adjustable dumbbells, this set is quite pricey. However, if you look at all the features that it can offer, this best adjustable dumbbell set is just worth the price. The quality is premium. The materials are high quality and sturdy, but they also need to be handled with care.

There is no question that this Adjustable Dumbbells Amazon set is well worth your investment. This is highly recommended for people who are in constant search of equipment to use for their workout sessions and in losing weight. This is also perfect for improving body strength and increasing body mass. With these pair of adorable dumbbells, your dream body is a step closer.