Training Your Labradoodle Puppy

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We understand how hard it may be training your labradoodle puppy, and correcting your new puppy’s routine and schedule to yours. Following are a few ideas and suggestions about the best way to make your puppies first couple of weeks with you and your loved ones a worry free and enjoyable time for everybody involved!

Bringing Your New Puppy Home

The first few days home with you, may be overpowering to your puppy. Everything is a brand new experience to them. The practice of training your own labradoodle puppy starts once you introduce him/her to your house. Attempt to bring the puppy to your house during a period that’s slow for you. Once you arrive home with your puppy, you want to begin a routine as fast as possible. Your puppy will sleep the majority of the time in the beginning, however you’ll notice him sleeping less and enjoying more daily. Try training your own labradoodle puppy when he/she’s awake and filled with energy. It is rather common for the puppy to get nausea when he/she comes home. This can be caused by anxiety, and as long as it isn’t bloody or excessive, it’s nothing to be worried about.

Feeding Your New Puppy

Section of training your own labradoodle puppy entails ensuring he’s eating a wholesome dog food. Premium excellent Puppy and Dog foods possess all the needed vitamins and nutrients your pet needs. If you’re changing foods, then you want to do it gradually to give them an opportunity to adapt to the new food. If changed too fast, the puppy might undergo diarrhea. Your new puppy will have to consume three times per day when he/she comes home. Continue this for a week or two, then change to two each day. Attempt to distance feedings evenly during the day, but don’t feed or water over 3 hours of bedtime. It is encouraged that you do this till they are about 6 weeks old. Don’t forget to provide water every two to four hours, not only when supplying food. Much like feeding we do not like to provide water too near bedtime when training a labradoodle puppy.