What You Can Offer As A Social Media Manager

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You have made the decision and are determined to help others with their societal media demands. But you’re stuck on which you ought to offer – the bundles, cost and basically the entire setup of your online services offering. Well no worries let us attempt to break it down for you into digestible chunks. In the end, you ought to be able to offer prospective customers packages of services, so let us get started.

The best method to produce packages would be to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are and ways to help your customer. Can you simply be offering social media management, which means that the handling of their social networking profiles or are you going to offer more? By more I mean, articles, content production and distribution, strategy sessions or consulting, page inventions for Facebook and/or YouTube.

As you can tell, you are able to make your bundles to add a lot of items, but of course you want to be certain that what you offer is something you’ll be able to provide with quality in a timely way. If you wish to offer design and also you can not do it, maybe you can hire a group to perform this part or partner with web designers, graphic designers, etc. It is not that you must do everything yourself, but instead that you’re the individual in charge of getting it done.

When you decide what you’ll offer you may set up your own packages. I propose 3 distinct amounts and label them Bronze, Silver and Gold or anything titles you would like. Having distinct levels will assist the customer decide what services they will need or may hire you for.